Kate Renee is a professional artist and creative entrepreneur from Minneapolis, MN. She has been a blogger since 2011 and loves to write about arts business topics on her blog, What Art School Didn’t Teach You. Recently, Kate received her Masters of Arts in Art and Cultural Management from St. Mary’s University where she focused on Arts Entrepreneurship. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History from the University of Minnesota. Kate runs her own consulting business where she guides emerging artists and creative entrepreneurs through their various goals and projects. She also is the business arts teacher at Artistry, a local nonprofit organization in Minnesota.


My work is edgy with a veneer of cute. The paintings teeter towards uncomfortable content with a coloring book stye visage. Sarcastic and conversational titles ask questions and make bold statement that illuminate the personalities of my characters, and metaphors within each piece With a distinctive bright color palette, stylistic lines, and the big eyes and blank stares of my characters, I investigate political, social, feminist, and cultural nuances to provoke discussions with my viewers.

Individual statements can be found for specific series of artwork:

Seven Sins Series

Beauties Behaving Badly Series


Kate’s paintings are painted with acrylic paint. They are made on panel and covered with resin. Some of the work has the painting positioned within various layers of the resin which creates a 3D effect.


Kate believes in giving back and support causes and organizations behind the messages of her work. When you purchase select prints to add to your art collection, 10% of print sales will be donated to associated organizations. Details can be found on the legal page.