Kate Renee

My work is edgy with a veneer of cute...

My paintings teeter towards uncomfortable content with a coloring book style visage. Sarcastic and conversational titles ask questions and make bold statements that illuminate the narratives and personalities to my flat, texture-less characters. With a distinctive bright color palette, stylistic lines, and the big eyes and blank stares of my characters, I investigate political, social, feminist and cultural nuances to provoke a visual and conversational discussion with my viewers.

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Business Workshops & Classes
Business Workshops & Classes
Spend some time digging into an arts business topic to help reach your creative goals. From time management and selling product to Instagram strategies and goal setting, Kate will help you get you jumpstart on your career.
What Art School Didn’t Teach You
What Art School Didn’t Teach You
With free content posted every Monday, this arts business blog helps everyone from the emerging to established artist. What Art School Didn’t Teach You is here to assist with the business aspects of your creative career.
Creative Consultations
Creative Consultations
A creative consult is an individual session with arts business coach, Kate Renee, to develop your artistic career career aimed to achieving your creative goals. Perfect for artists and small businesses who need support & strategies to grow.


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