7 Sins

The 7 Sins

The 7 Sins is a visual commentary on the historical seven deadly sins in a modern context by pairing each sin with a familiar cultural figure, storybook character or fairy tale. These paintings challenge the behaviors and narratives of these familiar characters. Traditionally seen as a spiritual number, seven is closely tied to this body of work. Hidden numbers of seven are found throughout the entire series within the composition and the technical process.The birch panels are layered with multiple pours of resin to create a three dimensional effect which plays with the idea that the sinful behaviors of these characters have multiple layers of depth and meaning. The series flips the idea of what each sin means on its head to reveal a darker agenda. The pieces depict the result of extended sinful behavior, use a combination of two characters, or tie the work to current social issues to show how human vices can still be relevant in a contemporary context.

Envy: Green with Envy

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The ruby red slippers represents power in the eyes of the Wicked Witch of the West, but her green skin and the envious desire to have these shoes shows her complete lack of control and power of her own life. This work shows that sometimes we are Dorothy and sometimes we are the witch as the envy she feels slowly transforms her into who she would rather be than herself.


Gluttony: Glutthoney

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While punishment for sinful behavior often occurs on the day of judgement, Gluttony demonstrates that Winnie the Pooh’s love of food has a real world punishment in the form of obesity and health problems.


Wrath: Painting the Roses Red

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With the beheaded spade now punished to death from his bad deed, the Queen of Heart’s decision to end someone’s life has us confused where the blood starts and the paint stops.


Sloth: Aim at Apathy

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While the industrious ants clean up after a slothful lounging, a hebetude approach to parenting means Mike Tevee’s obsession with television violence and gun use has a real world impact towards his future community. Ask him what life’s all about and he will answer by saying killing.


Vanity: Plastic Pride

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A Kim Kardashian-esque Barbie doll sits posing at her vanity taking a selfie, while the mess to create this perfect plastic colored image is littered around her. What we see lit up in the mirror is only the perception of what she wants us to see.


Greed: Appetite for Supremacy

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While the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, Monopoly-Man Trump is experiencing the downfall to his outlandish political and financial behavior. He and the city behind him are left completely decrepit as his previously greedy choices have now left him with a poverty of the spirit and asking for free handout.


Lust: Hi Ho

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Lust shows us what happens when we push the level of love and consent and enter into the crime of sexual assault and rape. Snow White turns her head away as seven men are about to force themselves upon her.


All paintings in this series are available for purchase or exhibition. They measure 30″X40″ or 40″X30″ and are painted on birch panel with acrylic paint and resin. The paintings have a 3D effect with a layering pours of resin and paint.