Our horror and fascination with obesity is closely tied to the nature of our children's programming and entertainment. It opens a door to our children becoming over-eaters and obese. Written about in books and hobbling across the television screen with a rotund belly and sticky paws, the beloved bear, Winnie the Pooh, is one of the most well-known gluttons. Suspended within layers of resin, Winnie the Pooh is trapped not only within the seven layers of the painting, Glutthoney, but within the personal hell of his honey obsession. As his growing belly juts out far into the space towards the viewer, we get a chance to see Winnie a few years down the road. Gone are the days of this cute, pudgy bear getting stuck in his den and needing his best friends Tigger or Piglet to pull him out. Pooh is a drooling infatuated maniac covered and trapped in layers of honey. This Pooh will forever be a voice speaking to how we are influenced at a young age through the stories we are taught by the seemingly cute characters of our childhood. As we grow up following these beloved character's behaviors, our bellies and bodies begin to bloat.