Beauties Behaving Badly Gallery

BEAUTIES BEHAVING BADLY: Nice Girls Don't Make History

The Beauties Behaving Badly series is a parody and commentary of classic fairytale and literature characters created in a graphic lowbrow style. These paintings challenge the typical role the female character played in their historical protagonist position by challenging society's expectations. They are assertive and edgy with a veneer of "cute." With dark hollow eyes and a cartoon-like color palate, the subjects in these works unapologetically misbehave with their vices. This series uses a visual media to speak about social issues including those found in children's entertainment, public media, and the portrayal of traditional and nontraditional women's roles. These badly behaving beauties have taken their lives into their own hands; they are anything but your typical princess.

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Beauties Behaving Badly is currently funded through the Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota States Arts Board and Legacy Amendment